Zoho People and HR

Zoho People is an online Human Resource Management System designed to manage and access all your employee data from a centralized location. To get started, all you need is a device with an internet connection and a Zoho account.


Here is a list of modules and features that are offered by Zoho People.


  • Employee self-service
  • Leave management
  • Timesheets
  • Attendance management
  • Intuitive Form builder
  • Performance appraisal management
  • HR Process automation

Key Features

Manage data efficiently


Streamline both your data collection and secure storage with our employee database management system. Set up your organization and maintain all your employee records in one central location.

  • Add employees with ease
  • Secure password management
  • Multiple locations, single database
  • Automatic sync

Effortless HR management


Zoho People provides all the tools you need to help your HR staff and employees stay efficient, up-to-date, and productive, even on the go.

  • Onboarding: Start a structured onboarding process for new recruits.Initiate onboarding procedures with a new hire portal, customizable workflows, checklists and status-view reports.
  • Attendance Tracker
  • Leaves Tracker
  • Handle Shift Schedules
  • Keep track of time

Performance management at its best


Your people drive your business. The richer your reviews the better your employees’ performance. With Zoho People you can have a 360-degree, continuous feedback system and evaluate employees with customized performance appraisal methods.

  • 360-degree feedback
  • Set goals to achieve growth
  • Assess the right way – KRAs
  • Check your employees’ competence
  • Continuous performance reviews
  • Streamline appraisals
  • Detailed performance reports and analytics

Learning Management System (LMS) for effective employee training


Every workforce is diverse, and so are their learning needs. Zoho People’s LMS is an intuitive, cloud-based learning management system that streamlines training across your organization, enabling faster and better e-learning experiences.

  • Deliver employee training seamlessly
  • End-to-end course customization
  • Create an engaging learning experience
  • Integrated training and performance platforms
  • Get insights into your training programs

Engage your employees


As HR staff, you know that building a collaborative workplace is vital for your employees to thrive. Zoho People allows employees to track not only their activities but also their teamwork.

  • Employee Self-service: Eliminate the middle-man and give your people the autonomy to view and maintain their own records. With Zoho People, employees can fill in their details, apply for leave, submit approvals, among other things.
  • Feeds and Collaboration: Stay updated on all workplace activities with instant feeds and notifications, just as you would on your favorite social media platform. It’s never been easier to share ideas, start a discussion, or make important announcements.

Advanced Analytics


You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Gather meaningful insights about your workforce so you can identify bottlenecks and make informed decisions.

  • Learn your employee turnover trends
  • Hiring vs Attrition trends
  • Leverage time-logs to evaluate performance
  • Know your growth rates

What our customers said?

``One of the best things about Zoho People is its flexibility. It is not used just by our HR department but also by our Delivery Leaders, Office Management, Training Department and Finance Departments.``
--Zuzana Reingraberova

Tesena Smart Testing

``The efficiency of our HR function has improved tremendously; 70%-80% of our manual work has been moved to Zoho People. It is all in the cloud now, so we have access wherever we go.``
--Hussam Al Haddad

Ateis ME

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