Sprint your way to success

Zoho Sprints is an agile project management tool that helps you plan your work without chaining yourself to a roadmap. It is a simple, clutter-free solution that lets improve your products quickly and continuously.


That is the essence of agility.


Create user stories, add estimation points, stay on track with personalized Scrum boards, and schedule your review and retrospective meetings from one place. Going agile has never been this easy.

Plan to accomodate change

Plan and incorporate feedback to keep up with the changes your agile journey throws at you.

  • Backlog: Use feedback from your last sprint to plan your next one. Make sure your product is heading in the right direction.
  • Board: Customize your work statuses and personalize your scrum board. When your boards are agile, so is your work.
  • Epics: Structure your work using Epics. Break down Epics into sprints and use the hierarchy to get a clear picture.
  • Work Item Management: Streamline your sprint planning and work smarter around your tasks using features like labels and checklists.

Conversations Matter

  • Great ideas can come from unlikely places. Create a space that encourages discussions and brainstorming.
  • Meetings: Encourage face-to face communication by making agile meetings a part of your workflow.
  • Feed: Use Feeds to create a space for constructive ideation and quick feedback. Make distributed teams feel closer by keeping discussions online.

Let the numbers talk

Turn raw data into actionable insights and watch your team improve with each sprint.

  • Reports: Use agile reports to evaluate and improve your sprint performance consistently.
  • Dashboard: Keep your finger on the pulse by following the progress of your project using key agile metrics.
  • Global View: Zoom out to get a broader perspective on your progress using a cross- projects view.
  • User Profile: Get a dashboard for each user to analyze and balance the team based on individual capabilities.

Make your projects your own


Customize your projects to suit the exact needs of your team.

  • Custom Fields and Layouts: Every project has a personality of its own. Use custom fields to give the context and depth that each project deserves. Leave no room for doubt – build specific layouts to make sure your work items are as detailed as possible.
  • Custom Views: Ever get tired of running the same filter again and again? Get quick access to the most relevant work items by creating custom views for your work.
  • Project Templates: Minimise time spent on mundane tasks by reusing existing projects as templates or creating new ones for recurring projects.
  • Custom Item Type: Create new item types to categorize your work items based on the project you’re working on. Use ‘Enhancements’, ‘Bug fixes’ or ‘Minor tweaks’ wherever they are applicable.

Don’t forget to get paid


Plan and incorporate feedback to keep up with the changes your agile journey throws at you.

Timesheets: Precisely estimate the next sprint by tracking time spent on previous sprints. One-click approval and transparent logs help you cut through the red tape.

Timesheet Reports: Know where your team spends its time. Get reports of your timesheets based on sprint, item type and users.

Ship fast. Ship right.

Plan your releases and track your progress with our release reports. Our release management module coupled with our Jenkins integration will ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Release Management: Plan and track your releases.
  • Jenkins Integration: Set up your CI/CD workflow in Jenkins and track all your release reports directly from Sprints.

What our customers said?

``We adopted Zoho Sprints for the ease of use and the benefits that come with the Zoho ecosystem. Zoho Sprints transformed the way we work and helped us in dealing with efficiently managing our projects``
--Razvan IONESCU

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``I like the customization of features, especially creating card templates and statuses. Custom templates comes in handy when we are importing from another platform like Trello and we want to use the same format.``
--Sean C

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