Zoho Desk

What is Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is web-based help desk software that gives you the ability to manage your customer support activities efficiently. Zoho Desk allows you to assign, track and set up alerts on help desk tickets easily. You can customize Zoho Desk for your business and ensure satisfaction in your customer support experience.

Why organisations use it?

Departments are the various business divisions within your organization. They can be categorized based on your products, geographical locations or teams. Zoho Desk enables you to create departments and manage customer support individually for each of your divisions within your organization. Each department can have its own agents, mail boxes, live chat agents, community forums, web forms and social media channels. Besides these, you can set automation, service agreements, business hours, etc., specific to the departments. This allows you to customize a support process independent of your other departments.

Key Features

Multichannel Help Desk


On an ideal day, your agent simply works and solves a question or a support request they receive from a customer. On most days though, it’s rather chaotic for agents, receiving mounds of tickets from multiple customers, from various channels. An effective helpdesk ticketing software ensures that this process goes smoothly, stays error-free, and makes customer service easy for everyone involved.

  • Unified multichannel communication
  • Unscattered customer information
  • Increased self-service
  • Faster operation
  • More insights and reports
  • Extensibility



Your customers are happier when they can find answers without having to wait for them. The Help Center makes your team more productive by answering questions before customers contact support.

  • Every brand gets its own space
  • A Knowledge Base that’s searchable
  • Build your own community
  • Offer personalized interaction
  • Take the solution to the problem

Agent Productivity


Ticket management just got a lot easier with Zoho Desk. With the work modes, Ticket Peek, Advanced Response Editor, and Collision Detection, you can simply log in, focus, and deliver.

  • Focus on what you need
  • Get a quick peek to decide
  • Send out perfect responses
  • Increase team productivity
  • Convert every lead

Process Automation


As your business grows, it gets harder to ensure that processes stay on track. In customer service, this is bad news for the predictability, consistency, and timeliness that your customers are used to. This is where Blueprint comes to the rescue.

  • Simple enough for everyone
  • Spot and manage bottlenecks in processes
  • Blueprint for hassle-free process management



When it comes to business process solutions, one size definitely does not fit all. Keeping this in mind, Zoho Desk offers a variety of customization abilities to work well with the specific needs of your business.

  • Down to the last brush stroke
  • Native Integrations
  • Custom Functions

Insights and Impact


Use detailed reports to understand your team’s performance. Built-in dashboards help you track and improve your service using the most common metrics. Get additional statistics by creating your own reports as well.

  • Keeping score can be good
  • Real-time analytics on the go

Help Desk Customization


Customize your support software to suit your needs, even if you don’t know how to code. Personalize every little detail – be it applying your logo to the domain, creating custom fields to store information, or even designing your own email and SMS templates.

  • Email Templates
  • Response Templates
  • Web Forms
  • Domain Mapping

What our customers said?

``With Zoho Desk, we’ve gotten rid of old spreadsheet processes and really streamlined our customer service functions. It has cut our customer service (response) time almost in half.``
--Paul Grimes

Lubrication Engineers International LTD

``At the most fundamental level, Zoho Desk enables us to receive requests from our teams and help them in a timely manner. We love the ability to have a self-service portal where they can look up FAQs and find answers to common questions instantly.``
--Daniel Idikayi


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Try it today for FREE!